Schoolchildren give goldfish Freddy and Bubbles Viking funeral

A group of school pupils gave their pet fish a flaming Viking send-off – by putting them in a cardboard boat and setting them on fire.

Beloved classroom pets Freddy and Bubbles died just before pupils were beginning their new history project.

Both fish were pushed out to Valhalla in longships that they made out of cereal boxes and egg cartons in small groups.

The class, from Kirkwall’s Papdale School in Shetland, also wrote and read out memoirs in tribute to their fish friends.

The boats were then set alight in a traditional Norse ceremony as they floated across the stream – though one ship almost capsized as it burned. Teacher Mrs Corey Eddington said she surprised the class with the goldfish as a Christmas present – but they unfortunately died last month.

Mrs Eddington said it was one of the pupils who came up with the idea to give the fish a Viking send-off.



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